6 Letter Words Ending In A - Coolest Words (2023)

Have you ever wondered how many words there are that consist of six letters and end in A?

If you struggled to find an answer with meaningful and concise examples, your search is over.

This article will dive into the most common six-letter words finishing with A and clarify their meaning with easy-to-understand sentences.

Brace yourself for expanding your knowledge and learning how to improve your regular speech.

The Meaning and Examples of the Most Common 6-Letter Words Ending with A


The nounagendameans a list of things people discuss in a meeting or similar professional environment.

Read the following examples to acquire a better understanding of this word.

”Ouragendafor tomorrow is beyond full because we have various things to discuss and agree upon.”

”Please, will you set theagendafor the next meeting?”

”The next item on ouragendais the sales department’s budget.”

However, this word also refers to the plan of things that must be addressed and the priority hierarchy.

”Reducing poverty and increasing equity has been pushed off the corporateagenda.”

”Diversity runs high on ouragenda, and we strive to make our workforce standards more inclusive.”

”The company wants to reduce the costs, that stays on top of itsagenda.”

We can also use this word to describe somebody’s secret or covert intention.

”He had anagendaI couldn’t figure out, but he simply disappeared after accomplishing whatever he wanted.”

”Amerie allowed heragendato impact the project and the final outcome.”

The most common synonyms for this word are program, schedule, plan, calendar, card, timetable, organization, and timeline.


The noun banana refers to the long fruit with yellow skin and soft, fiber-rich insides. According to some horticulturists, it was also the first fruit on the planet.

Read the following examples to gain a better understanding of this six-letter noun.

”If you want, I’ll make you abananasmoothie.”

”I could eat onebananaevery single day.”

”You must always have at least onebananain the fridge because it’s one of the most nutritive fruits.”

This noun has no synonyms with the exact same meaning.


The nouncamerais a piece of tech equipment people use to take pictures or record videos and movies.

The sentences below will clarify the meaning of this six-letter word finishing with A.

”It’s simple – point thecameraand start recording.”

”Thecameracan never really capture the magic of a moment; that’s reserved only for memories.”

”That’s a TVcamera; be careful how you’re handling it.”

”I would like to become a member of thecameracrew.”

”The terrifying incident happened offcamera.”

”Nowadays, people film every second of their lives with acamera.”

The most common synonyms for this word are camcorder, camera lens, Polaroid, Kodak, 35mm, and photomicroscope.


The wordarmadais a noun that refers to a large group of armed vehicles, typically airplanes or ships.

The following examples will help you understand this word better.

”The GreatArmadafailed in invading England in 1588.”

”The HMSArmadarepresents two ships that belonged to the British Royal Navy.”

”If I ever form a music band, I will name itArmada.”

The most common synonyms for this word are flotilla, fleet, and a group of ships.


Anemia is a noun referring to a medical condition that causes people to lack healthy red cells and feel weak and look pale or tired.

Read the sentences below to understand this word better.

”She suffers fromanemiaand must increase her iron intake.”

”Although I have treatedanemia, it keeps coming back.”

”You’re feeling fatigued and without power, because you haveanemia; hence, you’ll have to change your diet.”

The most common synonyms for this word are iron deficiency, blood deficiency, and bloodlessness.


The nounbodegarefers to the storehouse for aging and maturing wine, as well as a wine shop.

Read the following examples to understand this six-letter noun better.

”We should visit thisbodega; the owners are from Spain, so it looks promising.”

”If you want to drink quality wine, go to thebodegaon the corner between 6th Avenue and Oxford’s street.”

The most common synonyms for this word are wine cellar, wine store, variety store, storehouse, general store, convenience store, and boutique.


The nounalpacadescribes a South American animal with long hair and is related to a llama.

Read the sentences below to understand this word better.

Alpacais my favorite animal.”

”Can you explain the difference between a llama and analpaca?”

”She’s wearing analpacacoat; I don’t know how ethical that is.”

The most common synonyms for this word are Lama pacos, angora, merino, and vicuna.


The noun pajama refers to the loose clothing people wear when going to sleep.

Read the following examples to understand this word better.

”I bought a soft and fluffypajamaon Amazon, and now I sleep better.”

”Marc doesn’t wear apajamawhen he sleeps; he wears a regular t-shirt and shorts.”

”Where do I find apajamathat looks good but is also comfortable?”

”I haven’t bought a newpajamain years.”

The most common synonyms for this word are nightgown, sleeper, nightwear, jammies, loungewear, nightie, nightdress, jams, boxers, underpants, nightshirt, and nightrobe.


The six-letter nounacaciarefers to the diverse type of trees with yellow or white flowers, often low-growing and long shrubs.

The sentences below will clarify the meaning of this noun.

Acaciais my favorite tree.”

”Does theacaciatree grows in the United States?”

”What type ofacaciatree is your favorite?”

Acaciapycnantha is among the most invasive plant species in Portugal.”

The most common synonyms for this word are tree, dogwood, mimosa bush, and shittah tree.


The nounchakrarefers to the energy centers in our bodies, and the word originates from Sanskrit. There are seven chakras, and activating each can benefit our physical, emotional, and mental health.

Read the following examples to understand the meaning of this word with more clarity.

”Activate the rightchakra, and you will feel more peaceful and relaxed.”

”The rootchakrais the principalchakra, and it impacts your survival instinct and how you connect with the external world.”

”Anna’s throatchakramight be neglected, which is why she is struggling with expressing herself and communicating effectively.”

The most common synonyms for this word are energy center, third eye, point of spiritual energy, energy wheel, and energy vortex.


The nouncinemarefers to the place where people watch movies, but it can also refer to the motion picture, meaning the film industry.

The examples below will expand your understanding of this word.

Cinemais his major, but he chose creative writing as his minor.”

”John’s father introduced him to classiccinema.”

”Would you like to go to thecinemawith me?”

”We always meet in front of thecinema, buy popcorn, and go to the nearby park to gan out.”

”Her latest movie was also her greatest contribution tocinema.”

The most common synonyms for this word are movie theater, cineplex, picture palace, movie house, motion picture, drive-in, and silver-screen.


The nouncumbiarefers to the Latin American type of music originating from Colombia, and it uses instruments such as bass guitar, percussion, accordions, and a guitar.

But it also means the kind of dance people perform when listening tocumbia.

The sentences below will clarify the meaning of this word.

”If you want to enjoy a relaxed pace of life and listen tocumbia, go to a good Latin American tapas bar.”

”I want to learn to dancecumbia, but I’m clumsy and insecure about my dancing skills.”

”He loved listening tocumbiawhile eating empanadas and drinking red wine.”

No other words share the same meaning as this word, as it refers to a specific type of dance and music.


The nounenigmarefers to somebody or something that is challenging to understand and mysterious.

The examples below will help you understand this word with more ease.

”Anthony always thought that Ashanti was such anenigma, and he could never figure her out.”

”Whether that species existed or not remains anenigma.”

”I could never understand how this device works; it’s anenigmato me.”

The most common synonyms for this word are a riddle, puzzle, mystery, crux, problem, bewilderment, cryptogram, anomaly, cliffhanger, brain-teaser, and perplexity.


The noun trauma describes a mental condition that occurs when somebody goes through something shocking, such as an injury, violence, loss of a loved one, or illness.

Read the examples below to understand this word better.

”Gareth still struggles with the post-wartrauma.”

”Almost every soldier will return from war with at least some level oftrauma.”

”Despite the ordeal they survived, the kids didn’t show significant signs oftrauma.”

”You should talk about thetraumayou’ve been hiding for years with someone you can trust.”

”He’s experienced physicaltraumain an accident.”

The most common synonyms for this word are anguish, agony, concussion, injury, wound, shock, stress, ordeal, torture, upheaval, blow, pain, and hurt.


The nounnausearefers to the physical feeling somebody has when they want to vomit or struggle with an upset stomach.

Read the following examples to understand this word better.

”I think the food might have been spoiled because I feelnausea.”

”Some of the most common causes ofnauseaare greasy food, motion sickness but also stress.”

”Take soda bicarbonate when you feelnausea.

The most common synonyms for this word are aversion, repulsion, sickness, vomiting, gagging, retching, and motion sickness.

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