Birthday Wishes For A Short Friend - Love Text Messages (2023)

Birthday Wishes For A Short Friend

Birthday Wishes For A Short Friend - Love Text Messages (1)

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Wishing a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALL THE SHORT PEOPLE IN YOUR LIFE!!! If you’ve got a short friend or family member, then don’t panic. We’ve got you covered! We’ve put together a list of practical birthday wishes for short friends and relatives.

Birthday Wishes For A Short Friend

  1. Happy birthday to a wonderful person. I hope you have a great birthday and enjoy your special day.
  2. With the celebration of this day, I extend my heartfelt birthday greetings to the most special person in the world. I hope your birthday is as wonderful as you are. I wish you a lifetime filled with happiness and love.
  3. Happy birthday to my dearest friend. I hope you like my present, which is a smile. I know it’s not much, but at last it’s something to count on. I have never seen a person as beautiful as you. And if you were taller, thinner and prettier, you would be an angel!
  4. Am glad to have made a short friend like you. You are not too tall and not too short, just right! You have really made life very beautiful for me, thanks for it all. Happy birthday!
  5. Dear Jim, you are my friend of many years and are pretty trusty too. Though I am sure it’s not the happiest of days for you, your good wishes have made it special for me. I wish you a happy birthday and even better in life.
  6. When people talk about a good friend, they sometimes mention you. And not to boast, but it’s a fact. And even when you are caught off guard and flustered, you still manage to make everyone smile. You have a bright and cheerful personality and we are happy that the bond of friendship between us has grown stronger. Although you are short and very cute, no one can replace you as my best friend. Happy birthday!
  7. It’s my pleasure to wish you a happy birthday! Not many people come across another person who is as friendly, funny, and kind. Last year you came across my life, I didn’t know how to face it at first; but now I can definitely say that our friendship is one of the most memorable ones I’ve made! Happy birthday!!
  8. A lot of people have commented on how short you are. I say, short people can do anything tall people can do and more. And, more important, they should be respected for their big hearts. I wish you a happy birthday!
  9. Hey friend! You are short, and I bet you have faced some challenges in your life due to your height. I am sure though that you have mastered the art of dealing with adversities. On your birthday therefore, I wish you victory over all your limitations because every good thing big or small comes from God.
  10. Happy birthday, my short friend! No matter what people say about your height, you have made names for yourself and have achieved some great things. This is visible in your professionalism and the way you run whatever business that you do. I really wish you long life to continue being the person we love. Love from me, always.
  11. Being frustrated by my short height, I always thought that I will never be able to do a lot of things. Fortunately, you were there to teach me that heights should not define a person. Thanks to the encouragement you have given me, today I am a much happier and confident person than before. Happy birthday buddy!
  12. You are the best friend and a wonderful human being. Your height might be short, but you are huge in spirit and love! On this special day, I wish you a very happy birthday and may God shower his blessings on you abundantly. I wish that your every wish comes true and you live a comfortable life.
  13. Dear friend, happy birthday to you! I wish you a lifetime full of wonderful moments and great feelings. You may be small in stature, but your heart and thoughts are much bigger than most people. I think that is what makes you special.
  14. Happy birthday to my short friend! I wish you the best of birthdays. I know it wasn’t easy being short and that you have struggled all your life to stand out but you are an inspiration to many people, including me. Every day, I just want to be like you.
  15. It is always nice to have friends as close as you have been with me. Not only are you my friend, but you have also come across as my guardian angel who always comes to the rescue when I am in trouble. On this day, I wish you a very happy birthday! Thank you for being there for me when I needed a friend.
  16. Happy birthday to the most fun friend that I ever had! You are one of my best friends, and I cherish your company. I love hanging out with you because you make me laugh, and at the same time, you cheer me up on bad days.
  17. My best friend is more than words can say. She walks beside me in every good time, and she comforts me during hard times. She laughs with me during good times. And she cries with me through the bad. She has been my best friend for years and will forever be one to remember. Happy Birthday!
  18. Today is your day to shine! All the stars are aligned in your favor and you are going to have the best birthday ever. I wish you all the happiness, love and smiles in the world. Have an amazing day.
  19. There is no shortage of ways in which I can express my affection and appreciation for you. You have always been there for me whenever I needed a shoulder to lean on. Yes, you may be short in size, but your heart is as big as the world. I wish all the best a person can get, including health, wealth and happiness. May God’s blessings be ever upon you!
  20. I know that the world is not very fair, and size does matter. But you have proven to everyone that one can still be successful, in whatever field one chooses to pursue, regardless of their stature. Over the years you have taught me many things about life and how to stay strong even in the most difficult times. It always encourages me that you’re there if I need your advice. To celebrate your birthday today, I want you to know that it’s you friendship that I admire most! Happy birthday to you!
  21. Those who have known me very well must have noticed that I have a very good sense of humor. Well, it is because of you, my dear friend April, who always has made me laugh and smile whenever I was upset with something. Thank you for all the laughter, love and support. Many happy returns of the day!
  22. Dearest short friend, I feel very blessed to have been blessed with your friendship. From the moment we met, you were that little firecracker burning for life. Thank you for being there for me through the good times and bad times. I don’t know how to repay you for all that you’ve done for me, but this card will have to do for now.
  23. I know that we have known each other for a very long time. Birthdays are special and you deserve to be praised. May you have an amazing birthday. You are surely one of the best friends I have had. You will always remain in my heart as my best friend. All the events and good times we shared together will never fade away in time. Happy birthday, dear friend! I pray you have a lovely day! Enjoy yourself today by doing all you love!
  24. Hey all my short friends, do you know a short person in your group? Well, we all have our own little world and like to have people around us who love and care for us. Every one of us deserves to be loved and cared for by dear ones. Make sure that you give the loving attention to that special short person in your life.
  25. Shorty, there’s a big difference between you and me. Nine inches. Tonight as we celebrate your birthday, drink in hand, I just want to wish you a happy birthday! Wishing you happiness and success (despite your height!). Happy Birthday! Soon you’ll grow taller but hopefully not wiser.
  26. By the time I found out how short you are, I already felt like a giant when I stand beside you. You are short in height but tall in character. Keep making people laugh with your loving nature! Wishing you a fabulous birthday!
  27. Happy birthday, shortie! You are always there for me whenever I need you and always talking to me even when I ignore you. I love how you’re so short that when I want to pick a fight with my boyfriend, I can easily kick you away! 🙂 Thank you for being just like a small puppy; staying loyal and always making me laugh. I hope your special day is as happy as you are – and that your friends blow the candles out of your cake.
  28. How is it that you have turned into an old man overnight? Yes, in my eyes, you will remain forever young. May the birthday gifts of life keep on coming your way and make each new year a better one than the last. Happy birthday my friend!
  29. I know that you don’t like to boast about it. It is just one of those things which God has done to you. If nothing, it has made you shorter than us! Happy birthday buddy!
  30. Shorty, I know you are not short. You are very tall in my eyes, taller than the tallest tree. Happy birthday to you!
  31. Happy birthday to a friend who has always been there for me, sometimes in ways I didn’t even realize. Your kind heart and sweet nature have made our friendship possible. I am lucky that you are my friend!
  32. Shorty, today is a day to celebrate and you are one of the reasons why my life is worth living. Thank you for all the support and love that you’ve always given me. I cannot imagine how life would have been without you. My wish for you on your birthday is a beautiful life and God’s guidance, protection and grace throughout this coming year.
  33. I am sure exactly what to say for you, my short friend. I am glad that I always have someone by my side. Today, happy birthday!
  34. The world would be a better place to live in if there were more people like you. You are humble, and kind-hearted. You have stood by me through the thick and thin. I know, we have had some great times together and many memorable moments; More than I can ask for. Today is your day, so I wish you a very happy birthday!
  35. Your birthday is a great reason to celebrate! The years have been wonderful. I am glad that I have you in my life, and the best part is, I will always be there for you through thick and thin. Happy birthday dear friend.
  36. If you were any shorter, then you would have been a dwarf! Your height makes me feel so much better about myself. I wish you a very happy birthday! May all your wishes come true and we both grow old together.
  37. Happy birthday to all my short friends. In a world where one dimensional physicality is the norm, you have raised the bar, impressing everyone with height, but more so with character.
  38. I have never seen you as a short friend, only as a person I can always count on for advice. You have endured my whims and fancies – all in your usual selfless way. You are a blessing to this world!
  39. I pray today is a day filled with happiness and joy where you won’t need to worry about any negativity. You are just too small in this family, but so mighty. You have brought so much peace and light into our home! Have a wonderful birthday!

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How do you say birthday in short text? ›

Words like HBD and OMG fall under the text abbreviation category. HBD is the shorter version of “Happy Birthday,” People prefer simply typing “HBD” when wishing someone on their birthday.

How do you say happy birthday to a friend in short form? ›

30 Classic and short birthday wishes for a friend
  1. Thank you for always being a friend I can count on. ...
  2. Wishing my bestie the absolute best on their b-day!
  3. Cheers to more fun, more memories, and more cake! ...
  4. I can't think of a better gift than your friendship — happy birthday!
  5. Cheers to another trip around the sun!
Jan 11, 2023

What is the best reply to best wishes? ›

15 Way to Say Thank You for Best Wishes
  • Thank you for the best wishes and the beautiful emotions you expressed through the card/email. ...
  • It was a great feeling that someone would always stand firmly by my side. ...
  • The only stable thing in my life is your love and support.

How to do birthday wishes reply? ›

Thoughtful thank you messages for birthday wishes to colleagues
  1. Thank you all for the wonderful birthday wishes! ...
  2. I'm so grateful for the thoughtful birthday messages and kind wishes from everyone at work. ...
  3. Thank you to my amazing colleagues for the birthday wishes!
Feb 22, 2023

What is birthday in simple words? ›

: the day of a person's birth. : a day of origin.

What are 3 lines for happy birthday? ›

  • May your birthday be sprinkled with fun and laughter. ...
  • Warmest wishes for a very happy birthday.
  • Congratulations on your birthday! ...
  • Wishing you a very special birthday and a wonderful year ahead!
  • I hope your birthday is full of sunshine and rainbows and love and laughter!

What is a good message for friend? ›

You are so trustworthy; I always believe what you say. Everything seems brighter when you are around. Even the things you don't like about yourself make you interesting. I know that you will always have my back, because that is the kind of person you are.

How do you wish someone you love happy birthday? ›

Short and Sweet Birthday Messages for Your BF
  1. On your birthday, I hope you get whatever you desire. ...
  2. Thank you for bringing so much happiness to my life. ...
  3. Happy Birthday to the one who fills my heart with love. ...
  4. Wishing you the happiest birthday with all my love, kisses, and hugs.
  5. Happy birthday, my love.
Feb 2, 2023

How do I write my birthday in a text? ›

Happy birthday to me!
  1. Happy birthday to me! ...
  2. I love myself because that never hurts. ...
  3. On this special day, I wish myself good health and a better life. ...
  4. Happy birthday to amazing me! ...
  5. Today I want to thank God for this beautiful year, for an amazing life and all the nice people in my life.
Feb 18, 2023

What are the best responds to happy birthday? ›

For example:
  • “I am grateful for your good wishes,” you can say.
  • “You are very kind, and I appreciate you remembering my birthday.”
  • “Thank you for your birthday wishes. ...
  • “Grateful for your kindness towards my birthday.”
  • “Sincerely, I wouldn't have done it without you making me remember this special day in my life.
Apr 12, 2023

What is a heartfelt birthday message? ›

Happy birthday to the most wonderful person I know.” “Wishing you all the love, happiness, and blessings you deserve on your special day.” “I hope your birthday is as wonderful as the memories we share.” “Wishing you a birthday that's as wonderful as the person you are and a year that's filled with love and laughter.”

How do you say happy birthday wishes? ›

Short & Sweet Happy Birthday Messages
  1. Hope all your birthday wishes come true.
  2. You bring light and love into my life. ...
  3. Forget the past; look forward to the future, for the best things are yet to come.
  4. Life is a journey. ...
  5. Happy birthday! ...
  6. You have to get older, but you don't have to grow up.
  7. Happy moments.

How do you respond to thank you text for birthday wishes? ›

Thank You Messages for Birthday Wishes Over Text
  1. Thank you so much for all over the birthday texts! ...
  2. Waking up to birthday texts made my heart so full. ...
  3. I am so grateful to have people that will text me happy birthday. ...
  4. Thank you for the birthday text! ...
  5. I love all of the texts I received wishing me happy birthday.
Mar 11, 2022

What is a simple sentence for birthday? ›

[M] [T] My grandfather gave me a birthday present. [M] [T] Her birthday party will be tomorrow evening. [M] [T] I will give you a bicycle for your birthday. [M] [T] I'm going to make a cake for Mary's birthday.

What is one words for birthday? ›

What is another word for birthday?
birthdatedate of birth
natal dayname day

What is a sample sentence for birthday? ›

Use “birthday” in a sentence

Her birthday party will be held tomorrow evening. My birthday is in July. Thank you for inviting me to your birthday party. My grandfather gave me birthday present.

Which sentence is happy birthday? ›

"Happy Birthday!" is a complete sentence. As in many imperatives, the subject is "you" and is implied. Here, the verb "have" is also implied. Essentially, it's "You have a happy birthday" with "you" and "have" implied.

How do you make a friend feel special over text? ›

To Make Their Day Better
  1. "Just a reminder that you're the Cristina to my Meredith — aka, my person."
  2. "Sending you a virtual hug. ...
  3. "You're my hero, and I'm so lucky to call you my BFF."
  4. "I know other people claim to have best friends, but you truly are the best."
Feb 28, 2019

How do you make your friend feel special? ›

Here are some simple ways to make someone feel really special
  1. Make them their favorite food. ...
  2. Surprise them with a gift. ...
  3. Learn something new together. ...
  4. Bring them chocolate and/or flowers. ...
  5. Write them a note. ...
  6. Tell them something you like about them. ...
  7. Plan an adventure for just the two of you. ...
  8. Give them your fullest attention.
Oct 11, 2016

How do you give a birthday treat to a friend? ›

Some ideas to get you thinking:
  1. DIY spa day with all the cucumbers and facials the birthday star could want.
  2. Board game night with a few selections and delicious finger foods.
  3. Movie night with a few classic selections, popcorn and some frozen cocktails!
  4. Go outside for a lovely outdoor picnic with a few close friends!
May 31, 2022

How do you wish someone love? ›

Sweet love messages.

Thinking of you always, my dear. You lift me up and hold me down, you make me smile when I'm feeling down. You bring me peace, you bring me gifts, you're the person I'm most happy to share my life with. I love you now until the end of time.

How do you tell someone you appreciate them over text? ›

Text Messages of Appreciation to Send to Friends
  1. You're my best friend. ...
  2. You're the best friend a person could ever have. ...
  3. I will always treasure your thoughtfulness and friendship. ...
  4. I can never repay the gift of your friendship. ...
  5. You have made my life so much more beautiful with your friendship.
Apr 28, 2022

How do you appreciate someone you love in words? ›

Using Your Words: What to Say to Someone You Appreciate
  1. “I am so grateful that I have you in my life.”
  2. “I really appreciate everything you do for me and don't know what I would do without you!”
  3. “You're the best friend/partner/family member I could ever ask for. ...
  4. “Our relationship makes my life so much better.
Nov 22, 2022

How do you write a heartfelt appreciation message? ›

Use these phrases to let someone know how much you appreciate what they have done for you:
  1. I am grateful for your support.
  2. I appreciate you.
  3. I appreciate your taking the time.
  4. I value the insights and guidance you provide.
  5. I wanted to thank you as soon as possible.
  6. I truly appreciate the confidence you showed in me.
Dec 22, 2022

What is the best message for birthday? ›

Short & Sweet Birthday Messages
  • “The day is all yours — have fun!”
  • “Happy birthday to my ride or die. ...
  • “Thinking of you on your birthday and wishing you everything happy.”
  • “Best wishes on your birthday – may you have many, many more.”
  • “Cheers to you for another trip around the sun!”
  • “Today is about you. ...
  • “Happy birthday!
Apr 26, 2023

How do you thank everyone for birthday wishes and prayers? ›

I'm so grateful for all your wonderful birthday wishes, it was great hearing from everyone, you truly made my day special. Your birthday messages made my birthday all the more special. Thank you so much. Thanks for your prayers, messages and wishes; I will keep them all close to my heart.

How do you say thank you in simple words? ›

Here are seven different expressions and synonyms of gratitude and appreciation in English:
  1. I am grateful to you.
  2. I am indebted to you.
  3. I'm obliged.
  4. I'm thankful.
  5. I appreciate it.
  6. I'm really appreciative of what you did.
  7. I can't thank you enough.
Mar 28, 2022

How do you respond to thank you for loving me? ›

Alternative Responses To I Love You
  1. I love you way more.
  2. Thank you for loving me.
  3. I am so obsessed with you.
  4. There is nothing better than hearing you say that.
  5. You make the world a better place. ...
  6. No, I love you!
  7. You are the only person who can make me smile constantly.
Apr 5, 2023

What does thank you ❤ mean from a girl? ›

It can be used to express gratitude, love, happiness, hope, or even flirtatiousness.

How do you thank everyone for comments and likes? ›

10 Ways to Say “Thank You” on Social Media …. Without Saying Thank You!
  1. I'm glad you liked this.
  2. It's great that this struck a chord with you./I'm thrilled that this resonated with you.
  3. It's so nice that you had the time to read (watch/view) this and share your ideas. ...
  4. We appreciate your support.
Jul 4, 2021

How do you thank greeters for birthday wishes? ›

I really enjoyed my day and you guys made it extra special. Thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes, texts, twitter shout outs, phone calls, hugs and love you all gave me yesterday! Thanks for making my birthday such a memorable day! I had a wonderful birthday with family and friends.

How do you reply when someone posts on your timeline? ›

To reply to a comment with Facebook access to a new Page:
  1. From your Feed, tap in the top right then tap your profile picture.
  2. Tap Switch Profiles in the top right of your profile and select your Page.
  3. Tap in the top right of Facebook.
  4. Go to your Page, then go to the comment.
  5. Tap Reply below the comment.


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