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Are you in Punjab and willing to know the rules and regulations which are followed in Punjab for completing the court marriage? Well, if yes then you’re at the right place. Court marriage is not a very complex task to do. This is a process where 2 persons can easily register themselves as a married couple under the jurisdiction of the court. The court will verify all the documents and allow the couple to get married under the supervision of the court.

Completing the court marriage is a work of many stages. Firstly, you have to understand what are the qualifications you have to fulfill for completing the court marriage in Punjab. After that, you have to examine what are the documents which you have to show to the marriage registrar to complete your marriage. Once you have clarified the required knowledge stage 3 starts and in this stage 3, you have to complete the process of court marriage. Lastly, the completion of the marriage registration process will end stage 4 and hence you’ll get your complete court marriage in Punjab done without any issue.

If you’re a newbie and don’t know anything about court marriage in Punjab, rather than paying fees for getting the knowledge, we recommend you to read this article only. Here, we discussed all the major aspects which you must know while going for completing the court marriage in Punjab. You just have to stick with this discussion and read everything carefully.

Court marriage in Punjab is a legal marriage service for the residents of Punjab. Under this service, the government of India will supervise the marriage of 2 carriers who belong to Punjab and provide global recognition to the couple around the world.

For completing the marriage 2 marriage acts are designed for completing the court marriage under the rules and regulations which are set by the court. These 2 acts are

  • Special marriage act, 1954
  • And Hindu marriage act, 1955

Special marriage act, of 1954 is one of the primary acts which is introduced for completing the court marriage procedure among the couple who are willing to perform their court marriage.

Under the Hindu marriage act, of 1955 the court martial between 2 parties is done by parties who are from the Hindu religion. Under this type of marriage, the marriage is done by following all the rules and regulations which are performed by completing the traditional marriage in Hinduism.

Court marriage in Punjab attains the completion of marriage between the presence of Punjab but there is a lot more to know about court marriage in Punjab. Before going to apply for court marriage in Punja you must have the required knowledge about eligibility, procedure documentation, and a lot more.

Some eligibility requirements are set by the government for completing court marriage work in Punjab. All the eligibility which are required for completing the court marriage are listed below:-

  • The first eligibility is the age proof of both parties. Government checks whether the parties who are applying for court marriage have the age of marriage or not. According to Indian law, a boy is eligible to get married when he crosses the age of 21 years, and a girl must cross the age of 18 years for completing the court marriage work.
  • The next eligibility is the address of both parties. If you’re living in Punjab and you have the proper document which proves that you are a citizen of Punjab then only you’re eligible to apply for court marriage in Punjab. If you’re living in Mumbai then you’re eligible to perform your marriage as a court marriage in Mumbai.
  • Both parties should be completely sound mind. If one of the parties is found unsound then the marriage becomes void and the guilty party faces the legal consequences. Marrying an unsound mind person is not legal in India.
  • Consent is one of the most important elements which you have to maintain for completing the court marriage. If 2 parties are fully willing to marry each other only you’re eligible to apply for court marriage in Punjab.
  • If you’re from any other religion or your party is from any other religion then the party will have to complete their conversion and have to get their conversion certificate.

So, these are the eligibility which you have to ensure while completing your court marriage in Punjab. Now, let’s discuss the procedure of court marriage which you have to complete to complete your court marriage.

Court marriage procedure in Punjab can be done easily by following some easy steps. If you want personal guidance from a reputed lawyer then you can also contact us. We have the services of completing the court marriage in Punjab in very less days. You just have to follow the steps which are listed below:-

  • Firstly, the couple will have to meet with a reputed lawyer or a professional court marriage associate who has experience of at least 4 years. Complete your counseling there and when you’ve completed your counseling then you’re ready to apply for court marriage in Punjab.
  • At this step, you have to get the application form. The application form is available in the court or you can also download the application form from the official website of the Punjab district court. If the online form facility is not available in Punjab then you have to visit the court and get the application form from there.
  • Fill out the application form which attains all the details which are asked by the court. Make sure that all the details which you enter into your application form must be correct and verified because if anything is found wrong then the marriage registrar may cancel the application.
  • Now, visit the court and get an appointment from the court.
  • Submit the fees which are asked in the court and get the receipt of the amount which you have a deposit for completing the court marriage.
  • At this step, visit the court with all the documents which you have asked to bring to the court. With all the documents, you have to bring witnesses, fees slip, and some other prescribed documents.
  • Get an appointment with the marriage registrar. The marriage registrar will verify all the documents which you have provided to them. After the verification of the documents, the marriage registrar will announce the 30 days waiting period.
  • This period is called the Objection period which is 30 days. So, you have to wait for 30 days and after the completion of 30 days, you have to revisit the court.
  • When you revisit the court and meet with the marriage register the marriage registrar will verify all the documents and complete the last formalities.
  • After completing the formalities your marriage gets done and when your marriage gets completed the marriage registrar will provide you with the dedicated marriage certificate.

Hence, your court marriage procedure in Punjab is completed and once you have completed your marriage then the marriage registrar will guide you to complete the marriage registration.

Note:- is it compulsory to wait for 30 days?

Not at all, you don’t have to wait 30 days to complete your marriage. Well, if you complete your marriage under the special marriage act, 1954 then you have to wait for 30 days. But if you don’t want to wait for 30 days then there is a provision which is called Same day court marriage. If you elect to perform same-day court marriage for your marriage you may pay some extra charges for your marriage because the fees of same-day court marriage are higher than the fees of normal court marriage.

Under this type of marriage, your marriage is done within a day without any hindrance. So, if you want to complete your marriage in just one day then you can easily do it without any hindrance under same-day court marriage.

The list of documents of court marriage in Punjab is large. You have to show plenty of documents to the court to verify yourself and get the marriage completed by the court. If you want to know the complete list of court marriages in Punjab then see the content below.

Application form

The application is available in court. You just have to visit the court and get the application form with you. You can also download the application form from the official website of the district court. This form attains all the details related to both parties. Like, name, address, photographs, etc.

Age proof

PAN card, Passport, Birth certificate, and Matriculation certificate are the age proof documents. In the eligibility section, we have studied that there is a legal minimum age for both boys and girls for applying for marriage. They can only apply if they have a real legal age. Age-proof documents check this thing exactly. If the marriage registrar finds anything suspicious then he can cancel the marriage application.

Address proof

Address proof is the eligibility of the address. In the eligibility section, we have studied that 2 parties will only apply for court marriage in Punjab when they have a residential address in Punjab. Address proof documents check this thing and through this marriage, the registrar verifies that their address is in the same state or not. Aadhar card, Passport, and rental agreement are the address proof documents.


The witness is the eye suspect of the marriage. A witness can be anyone like your family member, friends, relatives, or anyone who has a relationship with you. 1-1 witness is required for completing the court marriage. Make sure that the witness has its Local ID proof like an Aadhar card.


2-3 photographs are required for completing the work of court marriage. This should be available in passport size and it is also important that the background of these photographs should be in red, blue, or white.

So, these are the major documents that are required for completing the court marriage in Punjab. If you have any special case then you may talk to our highly professional lawyers who have completed your counseling and provide you the exact knowledge regarding these conditions documents.

Court marriage fees in Punjab 2021 are one of the most important and curious topics for customers. Fees play a major role in the completion of marriage because no one is capable of paying a specified amount. Generally, people select court marriage associates or court marriage lawyers who charge high fees from you, and the customer will also have to pay hidden charges and hidden costs at the time of court marriage.

If we serve our service in front of you then we can complete your court marriage in the price range of 6K to 10K. Under this range, you’ll get your counseling session with our highly reputed court marriage, also you’ll get the most premium service from our lawyer and not a single rupee will be charged from you as a hidden cost or as an extra cost. So, if you don’t want to be stuck in the market to find the best lawyer for you and are willing to complete your work without any issues then we’re the platform here.

We’re one of the best court marriage associates in Punjab and we claim to provide the most premium services to our customers. We have one of the best court marriage lawyers who have completed their qualifications from recognized institutes in the nation.

Our target is to serve the best quality services to our customers with excellence and experience. We only believe to serve the best quality services to our customers so that they’ll get the complete solution in court marriage-related issues in one place.

Our charges are very competitive, we’ll provide the best quality services at a very low price because we’re here to serve not to earn. Our main priority is to provide the best quality service and get 100% satisfaction from every customer. These are the things that make us a market leader and we’re proud to say that we’re maintaining this glory for the past 5 years.

You can easily contact us on 8287772088 or visit our office which is at Ch. no. 756 A, First Floor Western Wing, Tis Hazari, Delhi, 110054. So, don’t wait and book your appointment today. With your appointment, we’ll start your counseling and after counseling, we’ll complete your work as fast as we do.

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