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Jumma Mubarak Wishes: As Muslims, we are blessed with Friday as the holiest and most important day of the week. Because we do our Jumma prayers on Friday. We create a pathway to the Almighty Allah to send our prayers and ask for forgiveness for our mistakes. Allah, the most kindhearted and forgiving, listens to our prayers and accordingly grants us forgiveness and happiness. As Muslims, this is the day to send Jumma Mubarak wishes and Jumma Mubarak quotes to our close ones and other Muslim brothers. Below, we present some Jumma Mubarak Wishes, Messages, and Quotes for you to select.

Jumma Mubarak Wishes

Jumma Mubarak to you! May Allah bless you with infinite happiness.

Jumma Mubarak! May Allah shower every Muslim with his unconditional blessings.

Jumma Mubarak to you and your family. May Allah keep you safe, healthy, hopeful, and happy through your prayers!

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Wishing you a blessed Jumma. May all your prayers be heard today!

Jumma Mubarak to All! May Allah fulfill all our hopes and aspirations through our prayers!

Every drop of tear that comes out from a pure, grieved heart, finds its peace in Allah’s blessings! May Allah the Almighty relieve you of your pains and sorrows this Friday! Jumma Mubarak!

Happy Friday my friend. May you be blessed with peace of mind, good health and uncountable favors of Allah!

Wish you a blessed and pleasant Jummah. May this valuable day bring satisfaction in your heart and fill your life with the endowments of Allah!

Jumma Mubarak dear friend! May Allah hear your repentance for your mistakes and answer your prayer for forgiveness.

Jumma Mubarak my love! The Almighty Allah shall bless you with new hope and happiness!

Praying you all to have a day filled with countless blessings and boundless happiness! Jumma Mubarak to All!

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Jummah Mubarak! I wish you and your family a blissful and blessed Jumma. May Allah grant you mercy for the sake of this holy day!

All I wish is that every Jummah prayer brings peace, joy, and forgiveness of Allah to all of your lives and strengthens your faith in Him. Jumma Mubarak.

Jumma Mubarak to you! May this day bring peace and serenity to you.

Happy Jumma to you! Seek forgiveness to Allah on this blessed day!

From the little evildoing to the enormous, may Allah pardon all of us on this valuable day and guide us in the right way. Jumma Mubarak to all.

On the Jumma, all I pray is that may you be blessed with the favors of Allah and your life is filled with good health, joy, love, and peace. Happy Friday.

Happy Jummah. May Almighty endows His numerous favors on you and your family on every Friday!

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Jumma Mubarak to you and your family. May Allah always let our hearts and psyches ready for the supplication of Him and keep us grateful for all His favors.

Dear friend, Jumma Mubarak to you and your family. Today is all about counting the blessings of life and expressing gratitude to Allah, so don’t miss the prayer!

Jumat Mubarak! Allah’s benevolence knows no boundary indeed, may He bless you!

We are indeed fortunate to live until another Friday! Have a blessed Jumma!

Jumma Mubarak to all of you. May Allah listen to our petitions and favor us this Friday by lessening all our troubles!

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Through the prayer of Jumma, we get closer to our Lord and He opens the heavenly door of His Rahmat to us. Wishing you a graceful Jumma!

Jumma Mubarak! May we be able to live by Allah’s orders till next Jumma!

Praying for this sacred day to grace our lives with holy blessings! Jumma Kareem!

Jumma Mubarak to everyone! Let us seek mercy and make Dua to the Benevolent!

How lucky we are to be able to stand before Allah and ask for forgiveness! Jumma Mubarak!

Jumma Mubarak Messages

The Almighty Allah knows no boundaries in bestowing his kindness and blessings upon you if you follow his guidelines; pray to him, and have faith in his decisions. Jumma Mubarak!

Isn’t it amazing that we hand over all our worries to Him and in return, Allah gives us blessings! So just keep praying and keep me in your prayers too.

Let your prayers be the medium of hope and faith toward Allah this Friday! May the Almighty bless us with His unparalleled kindness! Jumma Mubarak!

When you do the Jumma prayer, the Noor of Jumma shines in your life and your Imaan gets stronger. May Allah acknowledge to your Jumma petitions!

Again the day of Rahmat- Jumma is here. May Allah bestow His blessings and mercy upon you and your family!

Along with the countless blessings and the basket of the mercy of Allah Jumma is again here. May Allah keep our Imaan strong in our heart and grant us Forgiveness!

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Making Dua for the others without knowing them is one of the exceptional beauties of Islam and in return, the angels would recommend to Allah for you. Keep praying.

Asking for forgiveness each Friday fills us with humility and blessings from the Almighty Allah! Jumma Mubarak! May your prayers be answered!

Be happy while helping others, as Allah helps the person through you. May Allah give all of us the ability to help others! Jumma Mubarak.

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On this auspicious day of Jumma, There is nothing much precious gift than Dua to give someone. May Allah acknowledge all your dua in Jumma petition!

Jumma is a valuable day that contains more sawab and brings uncountable blessings. May Allah allow us to do more worships of Him on this precious day!

May Allah keep us away from the wrong things that will take us away from Him and let us follow the good things that will take us closer to Him! Jumma Mubarak.

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Jumma Mubarak Dua

Jumma Mubarak! Keep me in your dua, and I shall remember you in mine!

May this Jumma bear divine blessings for us! Wishing you a graceful Jumma!

May Allah bless you with lots of happiness and prosperity this Jumma! Pray to Him and He shall oblige!

May our sacrifices and prayers be answered this Friday with divine blessings and eternal peace. Jumma Mubarak to everyone!

Jumma Mubarak. May this Jumma bring serenity, fortune, and faith to everyone.

Fridays hold different meanings in the hearts of all Muslims, as the joy of attending another Jumma floods our hearts. May Allah accept our prayers! Jummah Mubarak!

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Jumma Mubarak to everyone who has gathered to repent for mistakes and seek for mercy! Oh Allah, show us the right path of life and grace us with your blessings!

Wishing you a blessed and glorious Jumma! May our earnest prayers are heard by the Almighty today, and our sins are forgiven by His grace!

From petty mistakes to grave sins, nothing escapes Allah’s sight. May this Jumma allows us to ask for His mercy and blessings. Jumma Mubarak to you!

Remember, when there is no one feeling or seeing your cries, Allah always answers dua’s that come from a pure heart! Jumma Mubarak Everyone!

Allah’s kindness and forgiveness are the greatest blessings of Muslims. May your prayers be answered today! Juma Mubarak!

Jumma Mubarak Quotes

Jumma Mubarak. Come to pray on schedule for the Jumma prayer and receive the reward of as much as offering a camel. – Sahih Al Bukhari – 929

Jumma Mubarak! Once on a day of Jumma, the messenger of Allah (Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam) said- “ Allah the Almighty has made Jumma as the day of Eid” – Ibn Majah

Whoever reads Surah Al-Kahf on the day of Jumu’ah will have a light that will shine from him from one Friday to the next. – Saheeh al-Jaami – 6470

I leave behind me two things, The Quran and My Sunnah and if you follow these you will never go astray. – Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam)

Either some people stop neglecting the Friday prayers, or Allah will seal their hearts and they will be among the heedless. – Abu Hurairah (Radi-Allahu Anhu)

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The five daily prayers, and from one Jumu’ah to the next, are an expiation for whatever sins come in between, so long as one does not commit any major sin. – Sahih Muslim – 233

Jumma Mubarak Quotes, Dua and Wishes - WishesMsg (6)

Be not like the hypocrite who, when he talks, tells lies; when he gives a promise, he breaks it; and when he is trusted, he proves dishonest. – Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam)

When Friday comes, the angels sit at the doors of the mosque and record who comes to the Jumu`ah prayer. Then, when the imam comes out, the angels roll up their scrolls. – Abu Hurairah (Radi-Allahu Anhu)

On this day there is a time when no Muslim stands and prays, asking Allaah for something, but Allaah will grant him it. And The Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam) gestured with his hands to indicate how short that time is. – Al-Bukhari – 893

Do not choose the Friday night among all other nights for Qiyam (night vigil prayer,) and do not choose Friday among all other days for fasting except that one of you have accustomed to. – Abu Hurairah (Radi-Allahu Anhu)

Keep yourself far from envy; because it eats up and takes away good actions, like a fire eats up and burn woods. – Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam)

Whoever Allah guides none can misguide, and whoever He allows falling astray, none can guide them aright. – The Holy Quran

Allah will cover up on the day of resurrection the defects (faults) of the one who covers up the faults of the others in this world. – Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam)

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Jumma Mubarak Wishes for Friends

Jumma Mubarak! May Allah relieve you from every burden and comfort your soul.

Allah listens to your worries when you pray diligently to Him. Jumma Mubarak to you!

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Friend, when life is hard, seek for Allah’s Rahmat with the strongest faith of your heart, and He shall listen to you. Have a peaceful and happy Jumma!

Prayers of Jumma are your keys to opening the gates of Allah’s infinite “Rehmat”! Jumma Mubarak to all my friends!

Jumma Mubarak, dear friend. I pray that you never deviate from Islam’s teachings and imply the learnings in every step of your life. Stay blessed!

On this holy day, hold out your hands in prayer and ask forgiveness for all the wrongdoings and mistakes! May Allah forgive you. Jumma Mubarak!

Jumma Mubarak Caption

May this Friday bring new hopes and blessings for you all! Jumma Mubarak to All!

May your prayers be answered today. Jumma Mubarak.

Jumma Mubarak to All of you! Let this day be filled with prayers, blessings, and happiness!

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Take some time off this Friday to bow down to the greatness and magnificence of Allah! Jumma Mubarak!

The Namaz this Friday shall be a path to divine blessings and everlasting happiness in our minds! Jumma Mubarak!

Life feels beautiful when you devote it to Allah! Jummah Mubarak to all!

You gain peace of mind when you surrender to the Almighty Allah! Jumma Kareem!

No devotion is greater than the one for Allah! Let this Jumma be an example of this!

A pure heart that prays and asks for forgiveness this Friday, shall be blessed with infinite happiness! Jumat Mubarak to ALL!

Friday Prayers and Quotes

Say Alhamdulillah for everything Allah has bestowed upon you and do your prayers this Friday! Jumma Mubarak All!

May this Friday brings moments of joy for you through Jumma Prayers.

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On this great day of Friday, do your namaz to make sure you keep in touch with Allah.

My dua’s go to you for making this Friday special. Jumma Mubarak.

Fridays are days to reflect and ask for forgiveness and pray for new hopes to the Almighty Allah!

Hoping my prayers become a reality from this Friday onward. Juma Mubarak everyone!

Fridays are days when we take dedicate our prayers for forgiveness and hope. Jummah Mubarak! May your prayers this Friday result in a new direction in life.

Purity of heart, backed by unconditional faith in Allah yields the most satisfying outcomes! Jumma Mubarak to you All!

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Jumma- the sixth day of Islamic week holds religious significance in every Muslim’s life. Fridays of every week are considered Jumma. It is the prior concern to do prayer on Jumma and seek the blessings of Allah. We spend this day performing diligent prayers, making generous donations, reciting the Quran, and listening to Hadiths. This auspicious day holds great meaning for the pious.

Doing our Jumma Prayers and devoting ourselves to Allah’s guidelines is very important for us as Muslims. Our enduring faith and purity of heart determine how our prayers will be answered. Yet, the Almighty Allah forgives and guides us in whatever we do. We all should encourage Jumma Prayers to our fellow Muslim brothers by sending Jumma Mubarak wishes and blessings messages or even posting quotes and captions on social media platforms. This helps us prioritize and spread the importance and significance of Jumma prayers.

With the above-mentioned Jumma Mubarak quotes, wishes and messages you can wish your family, friends, colleagues, and relatives. Boost them up for doing more prayers on this graceful day and encourage them to ask for more blessings from Allah. These will not only put a smile on your Muslim brothers’ faces but will also help them feel a strong connection to Allah, the Almighty, Omniscient, Omnipotent, yet always forgiving, kind and benevolent.


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What is a nice message for Jumma Mubarak? ›

May this day bring peace and tranquility to you. I wish you a happy Jumma! Ask Allah for forgiveness on this auspicious day! May Allah forgive us all on this special day for all we have done, no matter how big or little, and direct us in the correct direction.

How do you wish someone happy Friday in Islam? ›

Jumu'ah Mubārak (Arabic: جمعة مباركة) is a traditional Muslim greeting reserved for use on the Jumu'ah, the holiest day of the week on which special congregational prayers are offered. The phrase translates into English as "happy Friday", and can be paraphrased as "have a blessed Friday".

What is the dua for Jumat? ›

May Almighty Allah bless you, protects you, guides you, guard you, be with you, stand for you, comfort you, fight for you and may He never forsake you. Juma'at Mufeed. Only the privileged souls are able to witness today. Ours is not by our power but by the grace of Almighty ALLAH (SWT).

What is the Jumat Friday prayer? ›

In Islam, Friday prayer or Congregational prayer (Arabic: صَلَاة ٱلْجُمُعَة, Ṣalāt al-Jumuʿah) is a prayer (ṣalāt) that Muslims hold every Friday, after noon instead of the Zuhr prayer. Muslims ordinarily pray five times each day according to the sun's sky path regardless of time zones.

What is the powerful dua on Friday? ›

255 of Surah 2 al-Baqarah ) from early morning up to midday on Fridays. When he accomplished the obligatory prayers, he would recite Surah al-Qadr (No. 97) frequently. I pray for the forgiveness of Allah—my Lord, and I repent before Him.

What is the best prayer on Friday? ›

Dear God, I give you thanks for getting me to Friday. It's been some kind of week and I'm looking forward to the weekend that begins tomorrow. I'm grateful for all you have done for me each day this week and now, on Friday, I can take a breath. I pray this prayer of gratitude through Jesus Christ, Amen.

What is the blessing of Friday in Islam? ›

The Prophet Muhammad spoke of the value of praying in congregation rather than individually, promising spiritual rewards, such as answered prayers and forgiveness for one's sins. Attending Friday prayers, the Prophet said, is equivalent to one entire year of praying and fasting alone.

What are the blessing words for Muslims? ›

The words as-Salam-u-'Alaikum are generally suffixed with these words Rahmat Allah wa Barakaatuh (mercy of Allah and His bleasings). These three words: "peace... ,mercy" and "blessings of Allah" in fact form the sum and substance of Islam and the Muslims are asked to shower upon one another these benedictions.

What is the quote about Friday prayers? ›

84. The Messenger of Allah, (PBUH), said: “whoever hears the call to Friday prayer and he does not come, and he heart it again and does not come, and he hears it again and does not come, then Allah will put a seal over his heart and give him the heart of a hypocrite.”

When should I make dua on Friday? ›

1- On Fridays, during the last hour of Asr before maghrib.

Prophet Muhammad PBUH said "Friday is twelve hours in which there is no Muslim slave who asks Allah (SWT) for something but He will give it to him, so seek it in the last hour after 'Asr." (Sunan Al Nisa'i).

What is the ayat in Quran for Jumma Mubarak? ›

(62:9) Believers, when the call for Prayer is made on Friday,14 hasten to the remembrance of Allah and give up all trading.

What Dua do you say when praying? ›

One should say: “Allahumma ighfir li warhamni wajburni wahdini warzuqni (O Allah, forgive me, have mercy on me, enrich me, guide me and grant me provision).” (Narrated by al-Tirmidhi, 284; Ibn Majah, 898 – from the hadith of Ibn 'Abbas; classed as sahih by al-Albani in Sahih al-Tirmidhi. And there are other du'as.)

How do you pray for Good Friday? ›

Almighty God, we beseech thee graciously to behold this thy family, for which our Lord Jesus Christ was contented to be betrayed, and given up into the hands of wicked men, and to suffer death upon the cross, who now liveth and reigneth with thee and the Holy Ghost, ever one God, world without end. Amen.

Is Juma a blessed day? ›


Concisely, the day of Friday is the blessed and the best day for the whole Muslim Ummah. The congregational Friday prayer performed by Muslims holds special significance in the life of all Muslims.

How do you pray for Friday? ›

The Friday prayer should be offered with the following intention: “I intend offering two rakaats fard of Friday prayer.” Thereafter, four rakats sunnah should be offered. These are also a confirmed sunnah (sunna mu'akkada). Thereafter, another two rakats of sunna should be offered.

Which Ayat to read on Friday? ›

In a narration from the Prophet Muhammad pbuh it is stated that the one who reads Surah Al-Kahf on Fridays will find his entire week enlightened until the next Friday (al-Jaami).

Which surah is best for Friday prayer? ›

In the Friday prayer he (Muhammad) would recite Surah Al-Jumua and Surah Al-Munafiqun (63).

What is a short but strong dua? ›

My Dear Uncle, ask Allah for Afiyah for Wallahi, you cannot be given anything better than Afiyah.” It is a simple Dua, Sincerely mean what you say while praying. “O Allah, I ask You to be saved from any Distress, Grief, Hardship, Harm, and don't test me, etc.” (Riyadh As Saliheen, Sunan At-Tirmidhi).

What is the powerful morning prayer for Friday? ›

Dear Lord, On this beautiful Friday morning I come to You seeking Your protection and guidance for the day ahead of me. I thank You for Your faithfulness, Your goodness, and Your mercy which endures forever.

Why is Jummah the most important prayer? ›

The Jummah prayer is a important prayer in Islam because it is different from a daily prayer and more important. Allah made the Jummah prayer a sacred prayer for Muslims and a prayer that is obligatory for Muslims.

Which prophet born on Friday? ›

Friday sermon: the birth of Prophet Mohammed.

Why Friday is a blessing? ›

In Islam, Friday is a sacred day and is referred to as Al-Jumu'ah. In Arabic, it means the day of the congregation. Muslims believe that this day was chosen by Allah himself as a dedicated day to worship. Therefore Friday blessings are considered special.

What is a short blessing prayer? ›

Short Prayers for Blessing

Father God, I ask that you bless my coming and going today. Be before me, behind me, and beside me - protect me and move me toward that which will bring me closer to you. Loving Father, bless my family with peace today.

What is Allah's greatest blessing? ›

The Quran is the greatest blessing of Allah which he has bestowed upon mankind. There are 114 Surah in the Quran and each Surah is a light that alters our lives and shows us the right way to live.

How do you wish blessings in Islam? ›

Assalamo alaikum wa rahmatullahe wa barakatohu. Peace be on you and the mercy and blessings of Allah. This prayer is used by Muslims to greet each other. The shortened version assalamo alaikum can be used also.

What is a simple prayer for Friday? ›

Dear God, this Friday, please remind my friends that any wonderful day is a day that comes from you. This was only a wonderful Friday because of your blessings and favor upon us. Give them the reassurance that you are always good and will always be there for them. In Jesus' name, Amen.

How do you pray for blessings? ›

Pray: Our Heavenly Father, we ask for Your blessing upon us; we thank You that we have this great power, this wonderful wisdom, this deep insight, this flow of abundance surging through our lives, blessing us in every way and, through us, helping and serving mankind. Through Jesus Christ, Our Lord. Amen.

How to make a powerful dua? ›

Etiquettes of your dua:
  1. Start off with salawat on the prophet saw (Allahummasalli…) ...
  2. Use Allah's beautiful names to call Him. ...
  3. Praise Allah as He deserves.
  4. Face the qiblah. ...
  5. Raise your hands into the position of making dua.
  6. Have faith that your dua will be accepted and Allah will respond one way or another.

Can I say dua anytime? ›

Make dua whenever you want, don't let these ultra-strict voices prevent you from doing a legitimate worship. It's not required after every prayer but it's not wrong either.

What is the power of Dua? ›

Dua has been described as the essence of worship, for by turning to Allah we are affirming that He alone has the power to grant or deny our wishes, desires, hopes and ambitions.

What is the Ayah about Friday prayer? ›

Ayah al-Jumu`ah (The Congregation, Friday, The Day of Congregation) 62:9. O believers! When the call to prayer is made on Friday, then proceed ˹diligently˺ to the remembrance of Allah and leave off ˹your˺ business. That is best for you, if only you knew.

How do you wish for the last Jumma of Ramadan? ›

May Allah accept all your good deeds, forgive your sins, and bless you with His mercy and love. Happy Jamat ul-Vida! As we bid farewell to Ramadan, let us pray that Allah accepts our fasts, prayers, and supplications. May He provide us with His blessings of tranquility, success, and joy.

What is Surah Juma Ayat 8? ›

Say, “Indeed, the death from which you flee – indeed, it will meet you. Then you will be returned to the Knower of the unseen and the witnessed, and He will inform you about what you used to do.”

What are the 5 duas? ›

5 Duas: Protection Against Illness & Harm
  • 1 Dua for protection against every kind of harm.
  • 2 Dua to seek forgiveness and for well-being.
  • 3 Dua for total protection.
  • 4 Dua for protection from every evil that brings harm.
  • 5 Dua for protection from diseases.
Jun 27, 2020

What do you say 33 times after prayer? ›

"Allahu Akbar", "Al-hamdulillah" and "SubhanAllah" are recited 33 times each.

What to say so your dua is accepted? ›

Say the Shahada - I bear witness that there is no god except Allah Alone without any partner, and I bear witness that Muhammad is His servant and messenger. Say Astaghfirullah x 3 - I seek forgiveness from Allah. Say Alhumdulillah x 3 - praise be to God. Say Subhanallah x 3 glory be to God.

How do you greet Holy Friday? ›

Wishing you a Happy Good Friday! “May your faith in the god, bring peace to your hearth & New hope in your live. May God Always bless You!” ― Have a Blessed GOOD FRIDAY! “May the loving-kindness of the most high God be with you as you take the time to reverence his name this Good Friday.”

What prayer to say at 3pm on Good Friday? ›

“At three o'clock, implore My mercy, especially for sinners; and, if only for a brief moment, immerse yourself in My Passion, particularly in My abandonment at the moment of agony. This is the hour of great mercy for the whole world. I will allow you to enter into My mortal sorrow.

What is the first Friday prayer? ›

Almighty and everlasting God, look upon the heart of your well-beloved Son and upon the praise and satisfaction which he offers to you in the name of all sinners; and grant them pardon when they seek your mercy. We ask this in the name of Jesus Christ, your Son, who lives and reigns with you for ever and ever. R. Amen.

Who started Juma prayer? ›

- Masjid Jummah.

How do you pray Islam? ›

While standing and facing the qiblah the worshipper makes an intention to perform the salah; this is carried out by stating which prayer is to be performed, how many units (rak'ah) and intending full-heartedly to perform that worship for the sake of God.

What is the night of power in Islam? ›

What is Laylat-al-Qadr? Laylat-al-Qadr is otherwise known as the Night of Power and is considered to be the Islamic calendar's Holiest eve. During this night, Angel Jibril revealed the Holy Qur'an's first verses to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

What is a good prayer for today? ›

Dear Lord, This morning as I contemplate a new day, I ask you to help me. I want to be aware of your spirit—leading me in the decisions I take, the conversations I have, and the work I do. I want to be more like you, Jesus, as I relate to the people I meet today—friends or strangers.

Can I pray Jummah prayer at home? ›

So let's talk about if we can pray Jumu'ah in our homes when our mosque is closed before we get to how to pray Jumu'ah. Can We Pray Salat al-Jumu'ah in our Homes? In a word during these extremely challenging times, yes.

How do I pray to God at night? ›

Thank you for our home and a place to sleep and good food to eat. Help us rest well, give us peaceful dreams, and send your angels around our home to protect us throughout the night. Teach us to trust you and to love you more and more. You are good; you are great; and you are faithful, God.

How do you write a Friday message? ›

Happy Friday, everyone. Good morning to you on this wonderful Friday. I hope your day is filled with fun and excitement, love and laughter, food and friends. Fridays are so awesome that every day in the week should be Fridays.

What is the quote for Jumah Mufeedah? ›

Jumma'at Mufeedah. May Almighty Allah grant you peace, stability, prosperity, goodness, love, kindness and peace of mind. Juma'at Mufeedah. May Almighty Allah bless you, with whatever you know is the best for you.

What are the blessings of Friday? ›

Dying on Friday, during the day or night, is a sign of a good end, for the one who dies on that day will be protected from the trial of the grave. The believers will see their Lord from Paradise on Friday. In Holy Quran Allah says: “Allah will appear to them on the day of Jummah.”(Quran, 50:35)

What is a Good Friday simple quote? ›

Good Friday Greetings
  • I am the witness to his fearless death. I am a token of his last promise of Forgiveness. ...
  • Jesus attracted the wicked expectations of this entire world unto himself. ...
  • We are truly blessed because our Lord loves us beyond any terms and conditions. ...
  • May the Darkest Night will end and the Sun will rise.
Apr 14, 2023

How do you wish for blessings on Friday? ›

May God's blessings shine upon you this Friday and always. May this Friday be a day of rest and rejuvenation for you, as you take a break from the busyness of life and focus on the things that matter most. May God's love and grace shine upon you this Friday morning and fill your heart with hope and positivity.

Why is Jummah blessed? ›

In Islam, Friday is a sacred day and is referred to as Al-Jumu'ah. In Arabic, it means the day of the congregation. Muslims believe that this day was chosen by Allah himself as a dedicated day to worship. Therefore Friday blessings are considered special.

What is the importance of Jumma Mubarak? ›

The Qur'an invokes the importance of Friday as a sacred day of worship in a chapter called “Al-Jumah,” meaning the day of congregation, which is also the word for Friday in Arabic. It states, “O you who believe! When you are called to congregational (Friday) prayer, hasten to the remembrance of God and leave off trade.

What is the Ayat for Friday blessings? ›

(62:9) Believers, when the call for Prayer is made on Friday,14 hasten to the remembrance of Allah and give up all trading. That is better for you, if you only knew.


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