Lost Ark: How to find every song - Game News 24 (2023)

Lost Ark includes authentic ARPG like class abilities and loot but plays with this genre formula with its creators and a collection of songs that allow you to perform a variety of different spells and actions.

A library of music that essentially acts like a complete skill can be collected in Lost Ark. Some teleports characters to set locations, while others can open hidden passages. It is a musical mechanic similar to that seen in Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (or, more accurately, Majoras Mask since each class contains its own instrument).

This clings to a lot of songs, but still it takes a little bit more work. Now you’ve got to watch that special song, here you can find whatever song in Lost Ark we know about so far.

Lost Ark: Where to read the Song of the escaping?

The song of escape is probably the most useful song in Lost Ark because, like its name indicates, players can escape any other place they want and leave in any place. This is extremely useful for players who want to exit a dungeon quickly after it is finished or to not escape after learning they aren’t well prepared for the challenge.

This song is one of the first players in the game to learn. They’re just going through the quests through the main story to finish the Fairytales and Legends.

Lost Ark: Where did you find a song in Trixion?

The Song of Trixion has a common purpose: to send players to Trixion. Due to the fact that the location of Beatrice was the sole employee of the organization, gamers should visit Trixion sooner or later. Because it was important, it makes sense that the song was obtained on the main story.

After the victory of The Wingless, players will receive a multi-step mission to the enemy. That quest ends by trying to train players with the song of Trixion, and then then they will be able to post up to Trixion wherever they want.

A hidden story: Where to find the song of the return?

Most MMOs offer a repercussionless computer, to help players turn around the world. The most famous example is World of Warcrafts Hearthstone, where the game can link to an inn and teleport back wherever they want. Lost Arks is basically the title of Return. When players teleport to the inn, the song of return allows them to warp any Portal Statue in any capital city they want, as long as they set it up as a return point.

In a quest for an answer to the quest, the players should talk to the bard Shannon and set the nearest site’s return honors up as their designated location. Besides that, Shannon teaches them the song of return as reward.

Lost Ark: Where to find a song of humour, home?

Strongholds are an essential asset for lost Ark because they allow players to customize their own homes and craft real powerful items. Players shouldn’t use them, but anyone who does, too, can also get a free song to teleport home at their own expense.

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One thing is the key to getting this song, called the Song of the Lord. First, you will need to get the quest clerk Theos Invitation which is given after reclaiming Luterra Castle in the main quest row. Talk to the receptionist outside the castle. A cutscene is the main attraction. If you have any more questions, then ask the Royal Receptionist. The goal is to deliver the long-awaited song of the harp. This mission rewards you with this treasured song.

Lost Ark: Where can you see the song of the word of the word “dark”.

Although the songs from Lost Ark permit players to track to locations, the majority of these are used for communication (basically the games reputation system). As players interact with and give important NPCs gifts, they eventually get multiple gifts. Many of Lost Arks songs are used to build up relationships with NPCs. A song of the highest value is the first for those who can learn such songs.

The mission “Song of Valor” is an important part of the quest. This quest is fairly straightforward, gamers have to speak simply with Captain Mak (who has directed them to Maller). When players retrieve Silver Bush Leaves and talk to Maller again, a cutscene will play. When players chat with Maller at the end of the week, he gave something to them that taught the song of the lion.

Lost Ark: Where to find heartworms Melody.

From here out all, virtually all songs can be used to build on certain NPCs. This is the song Hearts Melody.

Heart Melody is a reward for the quest Time for Treatment, which starts as a simple fetch quest for healing herbs. At the end of the mission, players examine mysterious tablets and teach them Hearts Melody.

Lost Ark: Where can you find the song of tempo?

The Song of Temptation is a new melody that increases the rapport between them and NPCs.

In addition to previous songs, which were all quest rewards, players have to grind this the Song of Temptation for. To learn this melody, players should fill out 50 percent of the Adventurers Tome in the continent of Yudia. The study of vistas, discovery of fast travel points and complete dungeons are all these activities that contribute to this completion. Once the player reaches 50%, they just need to visit the Yudia section and pay the reward to acquire the song.

Lost Ark: Where are you to find the song of Starlight?

I used the song of Starlight to keep a positive attitude towards certain corporations.

Most songs in Lost Ark are quest rewards or automatically gifted to players for meeting certain milestones. That song of Starlight is sold by the NPC Favreau on Starlight Island. Players need to hand over 3300 Gienahs-like coins (which have been acquired in a great deal of cooperatives).

Lost a Ark: Where can you find a Serenade of Love?

The Serenade of Love is only used to increase rapport with many NPCs.

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This song is a reward for the quest Relationship Guru, which begins on the island of Liebeheim. This mission is to talk to some NPC and send love letters. After this simple quest the soldiers receive their loyalty.

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Lost Ark: Where must we find Heavenly Harmony?

The meaning of Heavenly Harmony is only used to build on some NPCs.

Usually songs are guaranteed rewards, but that doesn’t mean Heavenly Harmony. This particular melody is randomly removed from the compass mission for the island of Harmony, so anyone who doesn’t get it to the first floor of the piano should try again. As to be honest, it seems that the Serenade of Love is a prerequisite to joining that mission.

Lost Ark: Where can we find Elegy of God.

An Elegy of Serenity has only been used to improve the rapport between a few NPCs.

This song isn’t a reward for a main mission, rather it is a reward for completing a long quest. The story is what follows in the Iceberg Inquiry. After the final quest, Justice Achieved, the players will receive the mission Elegy of Serenity, which requires the creation of a celebratory recital. After completing the quest, players receive the song Elegy of Serenity and several other prizes.

Lost Ark: Where to find a Song of Resonance in the village?

Song of Resonance provides two of its core functions: it can improve communication with many NPCs and open hidden passageways with special statues.

If you like the song of Starlight, the path to the song of Resonance is lengthy and arduous. For this melody, players have to pay my treasure, Igran, a whopping 16,500 coins worth of pirate coins. The digital swoops are generated through special Island Quests scattered across the world. Those who want this song should plan on arranging a song for them.

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Lost Ark: Where to find Forests Minuet: Where to find the land.

The Lost Arks second song is one that plays double duty as a secret store. Instead of moving statues, this song clears passages blocked by thorny vines.

To be in the position of Forests Minuet, players need to visit Lullaby and take the quest Where Fairies Sing from Traveler Eclipse. This starts a quest line and leads them to Hiding Fairy, which players must interact with several times and pick the correct responses. The right responses are the following:

  • Where Fairies Sing: Y, (Whistle.), Y’alla, (Whistle again).
  • Please send me some details.
  • That’s OK, Mrs. Fairy, (Just watch us, Listen with your back, as soon as we come in). I will listen to it., No worries, Ill look for it. I’m an adventurer.
  • Once the steps are complete, players should perform the task “Magic Melody.” It should give the gamers enough Voice of the Forests to finish that quest Its Ok, Miss Fairy, which provides plenty of rewards, including Forests Minuet.

    This is also why players need the Song of Resonance to get Forests Minuet.

    This arch is the place where to find the Song of Eternity.

    A song of eternality is only used to strengthen the relationship between us and NPCs.

    Even with Heavenly Harmony, players need to progress through their adventures Tome to get the song of Eternity. This time, a second, they have to do 60 % in Rohendel.

    Lost Ark: Where can you find the song of Reminiscence?

    You can only use the song “Reminiscence” for the purposes of raising the rapport between local and national boundaries.

    This song is another reward for a quest chain. In order to try to remember the song, players have to start with Strange Mail in Rothun and also adore Twilight on the Horizon. The mission Lost Footsteps was built in the frozen sea. Players should talk to the various NPCs and choose the correct attitude when talking to one person: Allegro. After all of this is done, players will receive rewards like the song of Reminiscence.

    Lost Ark: Where are the songs of spring coming from?

    The song of spring is used only to increase the rapport between the two types of people with no disabilities.

    This melody can be especially difficult to get since players first need to find Shangra Island (which is randomly available at the seaside). After players reach the island, the path is quite easy. All players will do is complete the island quest line, starting with The Garden Path. It is the second part of the chain, called Shangras Pure Energy, that gives the player the Song of Spring once completed.

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    Lost Ark : Where can you find the object of the Twilight?

    The Requiem of Twilight is only used to raise the level of relationships between them and NPCs.

    For the Requiem of Twilight, players must visit the Island of Eternal Rest and speak to derisa. She’ll give you a quest for peace called “A Dream For Peace,” which consists of collecting lilies and placing them on some graves. After these simple tasks, Derisa gives some cash and the Requiem of Twilight.

    Lost Ark: Where to find Romantic Weapons?

    Romantic weapons are only used to increase rapport with NPCs.

    Another song that was locked to Adventurers Tome, players had to complete sixty percent of that in Yorn.

    Lost Ark: Where can find soulful, fresh requiems?

    Requiem is used only to improve the relationship between the two or the other person.

    Using the Adventurers Tome song, players must fulfill a 60 percent goal in Feiton.

    Lost Ark: Where to find the song of harmony.

    The song of harmony is only used to build relationships with many NPCs.

    Without a doubt, it is true that the Song of Harmony doesn’t get even without an ending. It takes 5 percent off the adventures of Tome in Punika.

    Since Lost Ark is a live service title, expect this list to be expanded in time to discover more songs or more.


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