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Who prepares court marriage application: The lawyer you hire for the services prepares court marriage application. Each client has a separate issue so each application is prepared as per the nature of the case. It is advised not to conceal anything from your lawyer and tell him every minute detail so that he can prepare your case accordingly. If you have obtained a divorce in Pakistan then let it know to your lawyer.

What are rules of court marriage in Pakistan: There are lots of books on the rules of court marriage in Pakistan and jactitation of marriage in Pakistan. These books cannot be copy-pasted here so leave the work on the expert you have hired and let him complete the process. No lawyer can teach you the rules in just one sitting or at one web page as it is not possible so believe in your lawyer and let him do the job on which he is an expert. Your lawyer knows the court marriage rules in Pakistan so always hire a professional expert like us so that you may not face any trouble.

Who is a court marriage advocate?You are already on the web page of a court marriage advocate in Lahore. A family case advocate like us deals in the cases of court marriage. If you wish to hire the services of court marriage then always hire a family case expert like us.

Where to find a court marriage lawyer in Lahore? You have already found a court marriage lawyer in Lahore. You can contact us by taking our contact information from our contact us page. You also have our contact number on the webpage. All you need is to pick up your mobile and dial the contact number of Advocate Jamila as she is the best Advocate in Lahore Pakistan.

Where to get court marriage papers?You don’t get court marriage papers from the supermarket. When you hire an expert like us discuss your case in detail and he will prepare the court marriage papers for you according to the nature and circumstances of your case.

Is court marriage allowed in Islam? Most people ask us a is court marriage allowed in Islam. A court marriage is allowed in Islam. We always say that we are legal experts and not religious scholars. A religious scholar can answer a religious question and a lawyer can guide you legally only. In court marriage also we follow the complete principles of Islam. Most people ask us how come it is valid without a wali and we always answer them then marriage is between male and female not between the walis. In the faraiz of marriage, the consent of male and female is required and not the consent of parents of the parties concerned. A female who is a major or has obtained khula in Pakistan doesn’t need the consent of her parents to get into a marriage.

Where the court marriage ceremony is conducted? The court marriage ceremony is conducted in our office and it is better to have the ceremony in the office as it maintains the privacy of the client. We all know that court premises are not comfortable for females especially when the matter is of court marriage. Most of the marriage ceremonies turn to worst when it is done in court premises so we always conduct the marriage ceremony at our office in a comfortable manner in which the privacy of clients is completely maintained and secured. We have an office in a posh area of Lahore so that our clients could enjoy the marriage ceremony rather than get into discomfort.

How many court marriage cases in Pakistan we have conducted? We have conducted thousands of court marriage cases in Pakistan. Since 2009 an average, we conduct a court marriage daily.

What are court marriage requirements? Court marriage requirements in Pakistan include a male and female and the required documents as mentioned above. Rest is the work of your lawyer. Please note that the requirement of having an unmarried certificate is not a requirement of the Pakistani Government.

What court marriage protection in Pakistan we get? Court marriage protection in Pakistan includes the statement before the court. Statement that she is conducting this marriage with her free will and without any coercion and duress and no one has kidnapped her etc. Court records the statement and give protection orders. Please bear in mind that courts are not going to provide security guards for your protection The only protection you get from the courts are the orders due to which you don’t get involved in frivolous litigation from the parents of your wife.

Where can I get court marriage details?You are already on a web page reading the court marriage details. Still, if you have any questions not mentioned here you can contact Advocate Jamila directly.

What should be the court marriage date? It is not the lawyer who will decide the court marriage date for you. You have to decide the court marriage date yourself. All you have to do is to timely inform us at least one hour before so that we can make some arrangements for you which will save your time and ours. Those who are undergoing the talaq procedure in Pakistan first should finish and then come for court marriage

Do you have a court marriage experience?We are family lawyers practicing since 2009 and we have a vast court marriage experience as it is our daily routine case.

What is court marriage eligibility?The only court marriage eligibility is a male and female with the required documents as mentioned above. Marriage should be with the free will and the age should be at least 18 years. Even if you are not 18 years, contact us we will guide you accordingly.

What is the high court marriage decision?High court marriage decision is very clear that the court marriage cannot be challenged at any forum.

Want to know court marriage in Pakistan procedure in Urdu?This web page is in English so we cannot write court marriage in Pakistan procedure in Urdu so please call us if you are unable to understand anything.

What is the court marriage law in Urdu?In this web page we cannot write court marriage law in Urdu however feel free to call us directly we will guide you in Urdu.

Can I have a court marriage near me?Our office is at the heart of Lahore so it is easily accessible to everyone. Still, if you have a question can I have court marriage near me will be shocking as it is your marriage and if you don’t even have a couple of hours for your marriage is a matter of serious concern.

Is court marriage online registration possible? Yes, court marriage online registration is possible along with attestation and apostille in Pakistan.

Can I have a court marriage on Saturday?Yes, you can have court marriage on Saturday and Sunday also subject to certain restrictions.

Is court marriage for lovers safe?Yes, court marriage for lovers is safe as you get protection from the court.

Where to go for a court in Lahore? For your question about where to go for court marriage in Lahore, the answer is that you need to visit our office at Gulberg. The complete address is given on the contact us page.

What are Court marriage terms and conditions?Court marriage terms and conditions are decided by the bride and from and not by the lawyer. As per law marriage is a contract and in marriage, both the parties to the contract have to decide the terms and the conditions. The marriage form there is a column of terms and conditions if the bride and groom have a specific condition they can mention in it provided that such terms and conditions are not against the law or do not violate or infringes the right of any party.

Can court marriage without notice be done? Yes, court marriage without notice can be done. No notice is sent in any court marriage. We know that privacy matters a lot in court marriage cases so we never send any notice to anyone. No notice is sent ever to anyone by any professional lawyer in Lahore.

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