What To Wear For Day Of The Dead Like A True Mexican (2023)

What To Wear For Day Of The Dead Like A True Mexican (1)

When Day of the Dead is mentioned, we normally think of Mexican festivals, skull candy and other things that we probably saw in the famous and inspirational movie Coco from Disney Pixar. However, there is way more about the day of the dead that has made the day become an intangible cultural heritage of humanity that we are going to show you in this blog. What people wear on Day of the Dead is also a great topic as Day of the dead outfits are so unique that they can not be mistaken with anything else in the world. Mexico Day of the Dead costume would be a great addition to your gothic clothes, and you may be able to produce the most terrific Tik Tok video ever.

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Beautiful customizable Day of the Dead Catrina Stainless Steel tumbler to hydrate your festival.

The special meaning of Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead (Día de Los Muertos) is the specific day of the year when family members gather and celebrate with each other, and the dead awakes and returns to join. This is a special festival that encourages a positive cultivated atmosphere. The Mexicans do not focus on the mysterious myths happening in the other worlds, but rather visit the graveyard to cleans debris, eat traditional foods like candy skulls and bone-shaped bread and pray for deceased family members.

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Day of the Dead is not the occasion of mourning or sadness for those who have passed away, but to celebrate the magical life cycle. The Mexicans believe death is just a part of the cycle of life and the dead were always here with us. In contrast to the name, this festival is a lively day that is close to the heart of the Mexicans.

Find out more information with National Geographic at Dia de Los Muertos

How to dress for Day of the Dead for women

Women's Day of the Dead costumes are probably the most iconic symbol reminding other people of this festival. Strangers might not know the name of custom and make-up, but once they see a picture of Day of the Dead outfits, everyone knows they belong to Mexican traditional culture and most of us know about the English name of this occasion.

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Yes, we are talking about Catrina masks and colorful day of the dead outfits. Most Mexican women center their apparel around La Calavera Catrina, makeup their face with Catrina masks and wearing traditional clothing. You may think the outfits are way complicated but what do people wear on the day of the dead leans on simple and traditional items. Don’t worry, we will break it down in detail for you.

Day of the Dead costume ideas for women

You know what they say: it ain’t Day of the Dead without women dresses. Dresses are the true philosophy of La Catrina. You just have to be creative for the best Day of the Dead costume ideas with one of these dresses:

Embroidered Puebla dress

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Nothing is better than celebrating a traditional Mexican festival with a traditional Mexican dress. Puebla dress is a perfect match for Catrina mask. They have great chemistry and will make you the most Mexican girl on Day of the Dead. Embroidered Puebla dress is like a cherry on top of a cake. However, an embroidered one could be a little hard to find in America, you might need to look around for a Mexican clothing store, buy online or get a tailor to custom-made one.

Flowy dress

Flowy dress is the alternative option that is common and fits La Catrina well. Flowy dresses bring the girliness out of their wearers, make you look gentle and womanly. If you are invited to a Mexican Day of the Dead party for the first time, a flowy dress would be perfect because flowy lightweight breathable fabrics will keep you fresh and energetic after a long day with countless activities and perhaps a picnic on the grass.

Long dress

A long dress might be the most viable option since most women would have one or two of them in their wardrobe already. Just choose a dress that is not too tight, the suitable length is at floor level so you can look girly yet still be able to freely roam around.

Day of the Dead costume additional for women


What To Wear For Day Of The Dead Like A True Mexican (6)

A wide brim dress hat suits Catrina the most as the floppy hat is the signature symbol of La Catrina herself. A black hat is the most common choice, but you need to decorate your hat with colorful flowers on top. Otherwise, you could go for a hat with eye-catching color and floral lace, which is also a pretty Catrina-like option.


Garland is a good alternative for a hat. You could make your garland from various flowers which would bring out your girliness and unique personality. Garland matches well with colorful floral flowy dresses.


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Since the traditional Mexican Day of the Dead costume concept leans on the simple style without stacking too many layers, you could either choose a plain beauty with only traditional dresses, makeup and flowers or accessorize as much as you want. They all turn out fantastic. Chunky beads or floral necklaces and earrings are the most common set of accessories. You can add more color to your dress and hat with flower pins.

Bridal Veil

A lace bridal veil is to add a more mysterious look to your Day of the Dead outfits. However, there are not many viable options for lace veils that suit Catrina. We suggest a black and thin lace veil with waist-length covering the backside of your head.

Wrap Scarf

The festival is quite cold usually, and to avoid your shoulder shaking due to the coldness, a wrap scarf is always a wise decision, not to mention the cool appearance. You could bring a black thin lace wrap scarf to match with the bridal veil, or else, thick and large silky pashmina shawls are softer and warmer.

Hand Gloves

A part of the reason to wear hand gloves is due to the cold weather. Plus, since the over dress and shawl would cover nearly all your body, a pair of gloves would complete your Day of the Dead costume concept. Black gloves with bone graphics or made of thin floral lace are the perfect missing pieces for what we recommend above.

Day of the Dead face paint and makeup for women

Face painting is what assembles this festival and reminds strangers of Day of the Dead in particular, Mexico and Mexican tradition in general. We decorate our faces like a skull to remember and pay tribute to deceased family members. For this reason, the Mexicans often add names of their passed away relatives on their forehead, and you could also mimic without any fear as this is a common practice.

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Your Day of the Dead Calavera can be as creative as possible, but if you are shy away from the makeup part of what to wear for Day of the Dead, you could follow these simple steps to have a nice-looking black and white Calavera. First, apply white paint over your face, then contrast it by adding dark eyeshadow around your eyes like pandas for a skeletal look. From this fundamental, you can be more creative with flower features around your eyes and forehand. Don’t limit your creativity and don’t forget to add small cracks to your lips like a true skull.

We think this Day of the Dead makeup tutorial can be helpful:

If you still feel it is too hard to paint your face like la Catrina, you could look for a Mexican artist to solve it out or buy a mask. You can read this blog for custom face mask inspirational: Look No Further - Hypermask.Net Is Here To Bring You The Best Custom Face Masks!

How to dress for Day of the Dead for men

Fortunately, Mexico Day of the Dead costumes for men are much easier in comparison to women's outfits. It is a special festival, and men would do the same as what they usually do on every special day: suit up. The male day of the dead outfits are inspired by El Catrín, the counterpart to La Catrina. Basically, men are still going to wear a suit or a tuxedo but in traditional Mexican style, or spice it up with a mariachi ensemble. Otherwise, you just need to follow our ideas list:

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Candy Skull Day Of The Dead Hawaiian Shirt

Day of the Dead costume ideas for men

Dress Suit, Tuxedo and Charro Suit

What To Wear For Day Of The Dead Like A True Mexican (10)

We believe that we don’t have to explain too much about dress suits and tuxedos for men. A Charro suit is like what the mariachis would wear if you are not familiar with it.

Dress Shirt or Suspenders

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These are some down-toned options from a dress suit or tuxedo, which are easy to find if they are not already lying ready in your wardrobe. Don’t push yourself too hard, simplicity is always the key for formal wear.

Day of the Dead costume additional for men


Neckties are an important part of making a suit and tie. A simple necktie would lift your appearance, your Day of the Dead outfit is going to be neater, or you can alternate it with a bandana, a tuxedo bowtie or a bolo tie.


What To Wear For Day Of The Dead Like A True Mexican (12)

Common hats for Mexico Day of the Dead costumes are normally dress hats like top hats and derby hats. If you are looking for something more Mexican, try to find a sombrero.

Hand Gloves

With the same reason why women have to wear gloves for their Day of the Dead outfits, hand gloves complete your neat costumes from top to toes. A pair of bone gloves are awesome with their skeletal look.

Day of the Dead face paint and makeup for men

What To Wear For Day Of The Dead Like A True Mexican (13)

Simplicity is still the key for male face paint. All you need to do is try to look like a skull. Follow the fundamental guide like for women, but stop at the black and white part. You can be creative and draw the most unique skeletal face or add one or two colors as highlights, and nothing more.

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